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Singer-Songwriter Night feat. J. Schnitt, Alex Fortier, Sarah Eide & Austin Hollow

Doors 4:00pm • Music 7:00pm

Austin Hollow is an alt-Americana supergroup from Rochester, NY. Featuring members from other popular Rochester bands (Violet Mary, Sisters of Murphy, Hinkley, Periodic Table of Elephants), the quartet digs into their diverse musical backgrounds to find common ground in straightforward Americana—with an edge.

Sarah Eide is a lot of things – an award winning composer of film and game music, a classically trained pianist, and a performing singer-songwriter. As a graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, it’s no surprise that her talent has taken her further than most independent artists – allowing her to pave a non-traditional path and lifestyle of full-time artistry.

In an industry that can often feel oversaturated with stale soundscapes, lifeless lyrics, and predictable patterns, Sarah Eide’s music cuts through the clutter. Drawing comparisons to iconic contemporary pianist such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Ben Folds, Eide’s music is equally thoughtful, quirky, intentional, and honest. It’s a sound she describes as cinematic folk rock with nuances of jazz and pop.

In a lot of ways my life as a film/game composer crosses into my life as a songwriter. I treat my songs like scenes of movies… as though I’m scoring the lyrics. Most of my songs are written that way and I’ve heard time and again that my music sounds a bit like it was written for film.”

Sarah’s resume is just as diverse as her musical influences – including her more recent collaboration with YouTube sensation Alan Becker of Animator vs. Animator, co-creating the Fishwife Tales project with award-winning poet, Jennifer Jean and writing music for rising star children’s author Laurel Nakai. In Chicago (her current locale) she has found herself supporting artists in a variety of genres as a backing keyboardist and vocalist, such as chamber-pop group, Wooden Rings and R&B singer Sierra Candia.

J. Schnitt - "Prolific, multi-faceted songwriter that floors his audiences with subtle, startling, and often stark phrasing, alternately mixing straightforward honesty with abstract imagery and complex interpretations. An enigmatic performer who's songwriting prowess and unique stage presence cannot be missed."

Alex Fortier

Cover: $5