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3 Strong Women--Singin' All Night

Doors 4pm, Music 7:30pm

A full night of great Rochester singers!!!
Aliza Bridgman, Sarah Eide and Dallas Greene are gonna blow you away with their talents.
Here's a bit of info on the three...
Aliza Bridgman--Aliza is a Canandaigua, NY native, bringing her passion of singing to Rochester, NY. She has a more recent background and career in communication but has carried her love for singing since she was a small girl. Aliza isn’t just a witty girl with humor and a big personality. Aliza is a witty girl with humor, a big personality, and a voice worth sharing. She is just getting started, though her deep, down-to-earth, raw style is unique and doesn’t disappoint. She’s an old soul who’s inspiration is driven by voices like those of ‪Janis Joplin‬, ‪Jerry Garcia‬, ‪Norah Jones,‬ ‪Amy Winehouse‬, Ray LaMontagne, and Oliver Wood.

Aliza embraces the bluesy-folky-funky-jaziness of it all and she’ll sing to anyone, anywhere, when asked, or completely unprovoked. Around the fire, friend’s living rooms, her cubicle at work, staff meetings… where there is Aliza, there is a song. One thing you can always expect is for her delivery to match her lifestyle –never taking anything too seriously, and always having a little bit of fun.

Sarah Eide-- In an industry that can often feel over saturated with stale soundscapes, lifeless lyrics, and predictable patterns, Sarah Eide’s music cuts through the clutter. Bursting out of any genre’s box, her music deftly weaves influences of roots, folk, jazz and pop, creating a singular sound that is uniquely her own. Songs that are thoughtful, quirky, and honest, are matched with a signature musical style that is equal parts complex and catchy. With skillful piano playing and a powerful voice, these songs are what pulls her audience in and keeps them coming back. Sarah will be touring the Midwest and Northeast throughout the spring and summer of 2019 in support of her newest release, “Dreams On Hold” (5/6/19), which has already been dubbed "a unique spin on Americana" by NYS Music . Her newest single off the album, "The Bridge Song" was released with a music video that has the critics raving. glamglare wrote “All that talk about building walls to push people farther apart can be depressing, but here we have the perfect antidote.”

Dallas Greene- She started writing music when she was 20 years old...
She got her first guitar when she was 12; a Squire Stratacaster electric, matte black finish. It was super hot, but still, she didn't have the patience or confidence to pursue music. Then after college, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of becoming a major Hollywood director and naturally, was extremely unemployed. With all that free time and grief, she threw herself into practicing guitar and writing songs that felt right to her and felt good to play.

Lately, she has been playing with a trio made up of her brother, Nevada on bass and their good pal Bucky on electric.

Cover: Only Five bucks at the door

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