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The Coffin Daggers (from NYC)

Doors 4:00pm • Music 8:00pm

The Coffin Daggers

The Coffin Daggers deliver an all out attack on the senses. Comprised of Viktor Venom on guitar, The Coffin Daggers deliver an all out attack on the senses drawing from diverse influences, ranging from Dick Dale, Henry Mancini, Link Wray, and the Cramps. Viktor Venom, one of the founders of Nausea, started the group early in 1999. Vik's punk influences (he has also worked with Reagan Youth and Chaos UK) give the band's music a unique melodic sensibility. Guitar Player observed that he "moves proceedings beyond mere era emulation by unleashing a rude and vicious riff that would have made Link Wray smile" Their performances have floored both European and American audiences from start to finish, prompting Chart magazine to declare "no one comes close to The Coffin Daggers when it comes to all-out intensity...they will stomp a mudhole into your fragile minds."

The Coffin Daggers are currently promoting their latest release, Aggravatin' Rhythms on Cleopatra Records.

Cover: Low-Dough Show--Ten Bucks at the Door!